Musical Gadgets that Rock: Must Have Audio Accessories for the Music Lover

Musical Gadgets that Rock: Must Have Audio Accessories for the Music Lover

There’s just something about feeling that surge of the beat. It’s like the rhythm is running through your veins (no shade to that Jonas Brother), and when it comes to music, it’s about more than just sound – it is an experience. A true music fan has a myriad of devices, something for every scene and to truly reflect the personality.

Experience sound like never before with Burtone speakers.

When you’re the life and soul of the party, you share the vibes. Whether it’s time to get the gang together for the trending TikTok, an intimate, candlelit dinner with smooth instrumentals, a rager with the latest hits, or study jams, the Burtone Bluetooth Speaker – Connect 200 is your best bet. With supreme acoustics and enhanced bass, it would turn the head of Nicki Minaj herself. It’s not your average Bluetooth speaker, coming with an 8000 mAh battery that gives you an average of 12 hours of playtime. You can live out those movie scenes by the pool or in the rain, as this speaker offers the benefit of being IPX7 waterproof, and even better than passing an aux cable, the Connect 200 does just that – supporting more than 200 speakers connected, with a working range of 60 meters.

Perhaps the party (or the budget) is a little smaller. If so, then the Burtone Bluetooth Speaker – Mini Connect 2 is your friend. It can connect with a partner speaker and keep the music going for around 10 hours. With a built-in EQ setting, there’s no compromise on your sound experience. It’s lively, full-bodied, and running on Bluetooth version 5.0

For the workout that has you going beastmode, Burtone Wireless Bluetooth Headphones- Bold ANC will drown out the gym monotony with active noise cancellation of 20 decibels. Keep your workouts going all week with a 16-hour play time while running on a 2 to 3-hour charge time. The ear muffs rotate 90 degrees, giving you ease when you need to spot for the others, not forgetting the 10-meter working range that saves your device from the weights.

If sleek and slim is what you prefer, the Burtone Wireless Bluetooth Headphones – Compact will provide a 600mAh battery capacity, giving you 8 hours of playtime to get you through the work day. With 40mm earmuffs that rotate 90 degrees, none of the office gossip will slip past you.

As a fashionista or muszo on the go, the earbuds are an absolute must-have. Available in metallic grey for the millennial and metallic pink for those in their soft era, the Burtone Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds charge in an astounding hour and a half. The 300 mAh battery gives 4 hours of play/ speaking time, 10 meters of wireless working range, and a Zinc alloy metal case that stands out from the crowd.

When you need to go wireless, day or night, Burtone has got you covered. After all, music is the universal language of souls.

Burtone is a gammatek brand.

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